Thi thử phần Speaking - đề số 3

Khóa học: Luyện thi TOEFL

Thời gian làm bài: 20 phút


Directions: The Speaking section tests your ability to communicate in English in an academic setting. During the test, you will be presented with six speaking questions. The questions ask for a response to a single question, a conversation, a talk, or a lecture.

You may take notes as you listen, but notes are not graded. You may use your notes to answer the questions. Some of the questions ask for a response to a reading passage and a talk or a lecture. The reading passages and the questions are written, but most of the directions will be spoken.

Your speaking will be evaluated on both the fluency of the language and the accuracy of the content. You will have 15-20 seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to respond to each question. Typically, a good response will require all of the response time, but the answer will be complete by the end of the response time.

The time for the Speaking section is about 20 minutes. A clock on the screen will show you how much time you have to prepare your answer and how much time you have to record it.


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